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NECC (Nature Education Community Center) started out in November 2017 as an initiative led by the students of the Faculty of Biology and Geology of Babeș-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca and Macalik Kunigunda, university professor and founder of "The Wonders of a Thousand-Faced Nature - interactive playhouse". The main goal of this initiative is the shaping of mindsets and promotion of science through educational activities, in which learning by doing plays a key role.


A more informal introduction: 
What is NECC? Ecology. Biology. Science and the spreading of seeds. Nature knowledge. Playing. Discovering. Trips. Hiking. Laying. Laughter. Education. Learning. Gazing. Fun with a little squirrel hunt. Falling, but enthralling.

Media presence


Our writings

Napsugár - Kiskópé tells a story (2021 - 2022)

Pénzes Janka


Szivárvány (2021 - ...)

Kukucsi is tracking

Rés Katalin


2020/2 - Macalik Kunigunda: The consummation of the love life of plants, also known as pollination

2020/3 - Szabó Csilla: From nature walks to community science

2020/4 - Rés Katalin: Using all senses

2020/5 - Pénzes Janka: Out of the blue informations: bird migration

2021/2 - Pénzes Janka: Flying with songs, or how do birds communicate? 

2021/3 - Macalik Kunigunda: The concert hall of nature

2021/4 - Rés Katalin: Invasive plants I

2021/5 - Rés Katalin: Invasive plants II

2021/6 - Szabó Csilla: What makes a flowering plant? 

2022/2 - Macalik Kunigunda: Blossoming March

2022/3 - Szabó Csilla: Seeing song lyrics with the eyes of nature

2022/4 - Láng Borbála: In the "track" of mammals

2022/5 - Sándor Dorottya: Our faithful companions, the weeds

2022/6 - Rés Katalin: Stirring life around old trees

2023/1 - Szabó Csilla: Seeing song lyrics with the eyes of nature II - Bëlga: Species, plants

2023/2 - Rés Katalin: The big spring rush

2023/3 - Láng Borbála: Environmental protection, self protection

2023/4 - Szabó Csilla: Legendary stories

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