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Get in touch with it.

Learn how to love it.

Conserve it.

Our goal is...

 ... to shape mindsets and promote science through educational activities, in which learning by doing plays a key role.

What are we doing?

We host nature based educational activities, organize field trips and summer camps, write scientific articles, and create nature education materials. 

Our activites:


  Nature education activities for kindergarten and elementary school groups

It isn't easy to organize outdoor activities in a traditional educational system, thus we offer indoor activities for willing groups of children from kindergarten and elementary school.


Educational summer camps and field trips

Our main idea is that learning is the most successful in the outdoor environment, thus we put a lot of emphasis on these type of activities.


Nature education room

We launched the TETE - activities two years ago. It takes place on weekday afternoons and it's organized for elementary schoolers (0-4. classes).


Who are we?


Current members:

Szabó Csilla, Rés Katalin, Dobos Írisz Barbara, Macalik Kunigunda, Sándor Dóra, Nemes Csilla, Antal Noémi, Kovács Kinga, Boanca Andi, Láng Borbála.

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